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September 1991
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This relates to an article I wrote over 30 years later.

Saturday, 14 September 1991 Schellnhausen Images for 14 September 1991
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Here's a configuration I found for two computers, dated today:
Image title: config          Dimensions:          3378 x 4401, 1275 kB
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It's the I/O slot configuration for two machines, adagio and (I think) grave, two of my oldest Unix boxes. This was while I was still at Tandem, and my guess is that adagio was an Intel 80386 with 8 GB running Interactive UNIX System V/386, and grave might have been a smaller machine running SCO Xenix System V. It's not clear why I crossed out “Grave” without a replacement. Possibly, like now, I had decided that I didn't like the name, but didn't The details are things that we wouldn't even think about today: boards and IRQs. But there's stuff there that I had forgotten about. Both machines had SCSI interfaces (Adaptec 1520 and 1542A), an X.25 interface card, scanner, mouse adapter. And big disk, 310 MB. I had forgotten what the Wangtec PC-02 was: it was a QIC-02 tape controller. How times change!

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