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Greg's diary
August 1986
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This page was written from memory nearly 25 years later, on 18 February 2011

Saturday, 30 August 1986 Rosbach
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Recovering \PALACE
Topic: technology Link here

What a weekend! It has been a really tiring week, and I was looking forward to some relaxation. And then I get a call from somebody at \PALACE, our London office, to tell me that a disk had failed with some kind of corruption, and that the entire mail system had gone down with it. Backups? What do you mean backups? This is a fault tolerant, NonStop system!

We had programs for this, of course, but they had been declared obsolete when we introduced the new disk process, DP2. It couldn't fail. And pigs have wings. But recover didn't work on it; it wasn't necessary. Today was the day that I had to update it.

Sunday, 31 August 1986 Rosbach
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\PALACE: Success!
Topic: technology Link here

Spent the whole day working on the \PALACE crash. It paid off: by the evening the mail system was back up, and I was even more exhausted than yesterday. And that with Roberto Tomasi coming up from Milano tomorrow to investigate the strangenesses at Italsider in Taranto. How will I keep my eyes open?

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