Greg's diary
November 1985
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This page was written from memory 33 years later, with help from Yvonne's (unpublished) diary.

Friday, 15 November 1985 Melbourne → Mandurang
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My last day with Tandem Australia, at least for the moment. Had a talk with Peter Lloyd, who would be my boss. Yes, they'd like to have me. My problem: typical salaries in Australia are round $30,000 per annum, and I'm currently earning $55,000 odd in Germany. To my surprise, he was prepared to match it!

Problem: what happens with pay raises? Ah, there's the rub. Gradually I would end up slipping towards the normal pay scale. But it's still something to think about, especially as I would be allowed to work from home 2 or 3 days a week.

Back to Mick's place, where things didn't look good. Yana still has her cough, though the quack gave her some medication this afternoon. And Yvonne has a kidney infection again (Escherichia coli). Joy. And, of course, she hadn't finished packing as a result.

Sorted that out quickly, and then off to Bendigo, looking at land on the way. To my surprise, Yvonne likes the landscape here, even though it's pretty dry. But I'd far rather live out of town than in Melbourne. But what about the bloody flies? Even in spring there seem to be far too many. What will summer bring? Discussed the matter with my parents at home, without coming to any particular conclusion. Interestingly, Mum thinks that it's a good idea.

Saturday, 16 November 1985 Mandurang
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Mum off to Melbourne for something or another for the duration of the weekend. Yvonne and I round Bendigo looking for a VHS cassette of The Man from Snowy River, without success. In the afternoon Dad and I laid some lines across the dam to catch some of his salmon trout.

Mum's palomino mare has foaled, much to Yvonne's joy: a chestnut filly.

Sunday, 17 November 1985 Mandurang
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Quiet day. The fish didn't bite, to Dad's annoyance, so we had to thaw out some deep frozen ones. Mum back, exhausted and irritated, in the evening.

Monday, 18 November 1985 Mandurang → Ballarat → Mandurang
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Time to return my hire car, which was paid for by Tandem. Nice of them to let me use it for the weekend, but... the next AVIS outlet is in Ballarat! That's 120 km away. But nothing for it, so off in two cars, Yvonne driving on the left for the first time.

Finding the AVIS outlet wasn't easy, either. You'd think they'd at least have given maps pointing to the location, but no, the maps they gave me only covered Melbourne.

Looked round Ballarat for The Man from Snowy River, again without success. Back home, while Yvonne admired the countryside—just the location for a farm! And also at least 120 km from Melbourne! We'll have to think more carefully about this.

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