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This page is a summary of some information I posted on Facebook on 9 October 2013. It's a summary of the current status and how to get a connection to the Radiation Tower. See the index for other, mainly more technical pages.

The tower is for Internet service only. It won't (at least initially) support mobile phones.

It will, however, allow you to make phone calls using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Most ISPs will provide a plan which is typically free or $5 a month or so. The calls themselves are then also much cheaper than with Telstra. Expect a total bill round a quarter as much as with Telstra.

To get connected, you'll have to wait until the service is operational. That sounds stupid to me, but I've just heard from the NBN that it's correct. I've put in a complaint, for all the difference that is likely to make.

However, presumably because of an error made by NBN's mapping department, some people in the west of Dereel are marked as having a service available. If you're down Rokewood Junction Road, for example, you can apply for a connection. It won't help much until the service is operational, but at least you'll be one of the first to get the connections.

NBN has a lot of information online. My suggestion: go to the rollout map and enter "Dereel". Look for a purple area on the map and drag the pointer there. It will say "Service available | fixed wireless". Click on "Find a service provider now". You'll get a list of 26 service providers, but you'll have to scroll down to find it.

Which provider? On my "good" list are Internode and maybe Exetel. Exetel seems to have the best offer, at least for me.

My bad list: BigPond, SkyMesh. This is a personal opinion, though I explain my aversion to BigPond in some detail.

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