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On 21 March 2011 Wendy and Stewart McClelland distributed flyers to many, probably all letterboxes in Dereel, and also on their web site. Their site seems to have technical difficulties; if you can't access it there, here is a local copy. I consider it slanderous. I called up Stewart McClelland and told him so and asked him to retract, but he refused. I propose to take legal advice on the matter.

This draft is a work in progress. In the following, the text in Roman font is the original from the McClellands, and my comments are in indented italics. After completing the current state of the page, I discover that this is the opposite of what I have done in the other pages (see links at top right). I'm currently considering which way to do all the pages. I've kept the original text as written, but without the original markup, which wasn't much good anyway.

According to the Internet's Google Map updated on 2nd March 2011.

I suppose this sets the tone. “The Internet's Google Map”, as if there was only one. I really don't know what they're referring to.

Greg Lehey at number 47 Kleins Road. Dereel (near intersection of Dereel/Rokewood Junction Road) is a proposed site for a microwave radiation tower.

Nonsense. I don't even know what a “microwave radiation tower” is. It's true that a couple of years ago, I offered Optus space for a phone tower, but they turned me down. And I can't find any reference to this anywhere else, certainly not on the “Internet's Google Map”. I now think that they looked at my mobile tower map and—you'd have to say “typically”—jumped to the wrong conclusion. The marker shows the location of my antenna, at the south end of my house. If I were to agree to have a tower erected on my property, it most certainly wouldn't be on top of my house.

Greg would benefit financially from this action through a lease on his land to the Telco...

Not only financially. Then I might finally get a decent Internet connection.

while the community would suffer.

Nonsense. They, too, would get better communications.

He appears to be using Scott Weston as his puppet to do his dirty work by telling lies to the public to gain support for a tower on Greg's property.

This is completely under the belt and nonsense to boot. I have never met Scott, nobody on the pro-tower side is telling lies, and there's no support to be gained. If anybody is lying, it's the McClellands. They've made many provably incorrect claims in the past, and they continue to do so in this document. In the past I have thought that they were just confused, but I can only consider this kind of invention to be a deliberate lie.

It's interesting to note that this claim is not on the web site. Maybe they have reconsidered after all, but the damage is done.

There is already a mammoth sized lattice structure radiation tower of 60 meters high with antennas on top of that has been passed by the Golden Plains Shire in September 2010. This will be erected at the comer of Dark and Reservoirs Roads, between Corindhap and Rokewood. This new tower will network with both the existing towers at Smythesdale and Buninyong meaning microwaves are pulsed from one to another. It will cover a radius of 30 kms including Shelford. The electrical power transformer upgrade to that site has now been completed so the tower should be constructed soon.

And about time too! But savour the terms: “mammoth sized”, “lattice structure”, and of course “radiation tower”. Would a jumbo sized, brick and mortar telephone tower be preferable?

The Smythesdale tower situated at Watson's Hill is about 16 to 18 kms from Dereel.

18.48 km from my house, in fact, as shown on my calculation page, and further from the sites she mentions.

Mobile phone reception is accessed from it through north-western and central-western areas of Dereel. The CFA Shed and Hall get coverage from both this Smythesdale tower and the Buninyong tower which is about 25kms away.

My measurements have shown that we have no reception from either of these towers, at least with Optus. The ones we get are in Linton, Willowvale and Cressy. It would be interesting to see some evidence, though; conceivably some areas can get coverage from these towers. These statements add nothing to the argument, but appear to show the inaccuracy of their statements.

These towers certainly do NOT require line of sight to operate as the pulsed microwaves are powerful enough to penetrate most obstacles in their path. Microwaves received in mobile phones are of thousands of times LESS than the output from a tower.

Of course.

Towers are far more detrimental to your health than phones.

Nonsense. The received signals aren't the issue. They're really negligible (and they're the same strength whether you have a phone or not). This complete lack of understanding is what makes me think that they're not lying, just stupid. If you're really scared of a few milliwatts of radio frequency energy, wouldn't you first look at the area where they're most likely to occur? If they're lying, it's to their own detriment.

Website has now been updated for your reference with over 20 pages of information from around the world collected August 2010 to March 2011. If you do not have the internet connected, you can go to the library and use their internet service free of charge. If you are unable to access websites, then call Wendy or Stewart on 53461114 and we can give you a copy.

I've taken a look at this page and their “information”. It's a series of claims and reports of other like-minded people. There are some technical papers, such as the Report on Cell Tower Radiation sent the Department of Telecommunications, Delhi. Clearly they haven't read it: it contradicts many of their claims.

The website has hundreds of pages of very credible information and studies, peer reviewed, and articles from the public in their struggle against this problem.

I only find 7, and they're not very credible.

These are from world renowned scientists, epidemiologists, neurologists, oncologists, professors, and Australia's two top neurosurgeons operating on brain tumours. It also includes a telecommunications expert, doctors, nurses, politicians, biologists, physics lecturers, electrical engineers, librarians, school councils, university lecturers, and the public who have suffered. There are books written, videos to view, files to read and people you can speak with.

The proof is all out there with more problems surfacing every day, but you won't know until you take the time to read it for yourself. This is not the time to sit back and put your head in the sand. The facts on microwave radiation are now out therefor everyone to see, Trying to ignore the problem will not make it so away - we wish it would be that easy!

I think it's fair that it's they who are ignoring the evidence.

For Telecommunications Resource Kits for Communities when people learn that a new base station / tower is proposed for construction in their neighbourhood,- see:- EMR Australia P/L at or phone 02 9576 1772 to get a kit.

Look in The Courier Newspaper each Saturday under *'Public Notices' as the Telco will advertise the tower as a 'Telecommunications Facility9, with the Golden Plains Shire logo on it. They then give the public 14 days in which to lodge their written objections into The Golden Plains Shire's Planning Department, Attention to Tim Waller or Kate Jewell, PO Box 111, Bannockbum, Vie. 3331.

I'm leaving this here because I want to keep the entire letter. I have no comments.

My reply to Scott Weston's letter circulated into Dereel letterboxes in Feb. 2011

This was delivered with the above as a separate sheet of paper. I haven't found it on their web site.

(If you are unaware of Scott's letter and would like to know what he wrote, phone me and I'll send you a copy.)

I was unaware of this letter, but Scott has now posted it. I find it difficult to compare, but I'll try again later.

Scott's top highlighted section: I have not taken out or attempted to take out any litigation against the Editor of the Miner Mr Alan Marini, and I certainly do not have any special powers to control what Alan writes or publishes and when he does it. Scott Weston's assertion that I could possibly have control over Alan and force him to do this is ridiculous in the extreme.

Scott's first paragraph: As I stated in my 'Letter to the Editor' of the Miner Newspaper in February 2011, 'Scott should consider very carefully in future before giving the public false and misleading information in an attempt to gain support for a tower as this is a serious issue and could see litigation brought against him when people suffer as a result of his actions'.

Scott seems to think it will be me rather than the people who he has lied to. They are the people who may well sue him, Greg Lehey or the radiation tower company in the future if people rely on their word and don't find out the truth until it is too late.

Scott's second paragraph is totally wrong and very mixed up. Scott has not been able to grasp or comprehend the meaning of the sentences that I wrote. I did NOT say David Mould was an expert. I did say he is the Victorian Distributor for the German YShield products which thousands of people are now relying on to shield them from the microwave radiation towers.

Clearly David, at any rate, has a financial interest in the matter.

These products were originally designed by the German Armed Forces to stop the infiltration and stealing of secret information. Dr. Repacholi, formerly employed by the World Health Organisation is certainly NOT a person I would hold in high esteem. He was ultimately responsible for setting the extremely high exposure levels of radiation which do not protect any living things. As Scott wrote 'this expert was sacked from his job for taking bribes'.

I was not able to put anymore information into my 'letter to the editor' in The Miner Newspaper in February 2011, as Alan Marini said it was too long and he wouldn't print it. I could have easily turned his newspaper into hundreds of pages of information.

Scott's third paragraph is straight out lies. It is similar to saying 'black is white' when clearly it is not; or to say asbestos can't hurt you - it is only a bit of fibre; or smoking couldn't do that damage to you - it's only a bit of smoke - comments that most people acknowledge are wrong. Scott's letter is becoming increasingly desperate.

Scott's fourth paragraph is yet more lies and a load of garbage. I have NEVER 'claimed to know more than the experts in the field'. This is not a scare campaign that Scott Weston tries to promote. We simply go by the facts. There is no 'uncertainty and doubt' which are the words used by Scott. Scott and Greg are the ones putting the community in danger - certainly not by us as Scott stated. People who understand this subject of pulsed microwave radiation from digital communications towers have every right to 'fear it'.

Also, by putting your red inked rubber stamp all over our information sheets that were on the Dereel Public Notice Board saying 'CERTIFIED CRAZY' makes you look even more stupid and is a very childish act.

It's certainly not productive, and I wouldn't do anything like that myself, but the more I read of this stuff, the more I can understand it.

The fact is, if this radiation tower goes ahead it will adversely affect all living things around it - including you, your cats, dogs, birds, live stock, pollinating bees, trees and plants, etc. which is all proven scientifically - no ifs or buts - that is a certainty.

I'll start believing it when the bees fall out of the air.

People who are employed by governments, the telecommunications industry, also companies with government contracts, organizations who rely on or receive government funding, etc. can be controlled to keep silent or they may be sacked, lose their contracts or their funding if they speak out. Money can control!

In fact, it's all one big conspiracy to kill off all life on earth.

The Proof is on the website

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