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This document was a work in progress, but in all probability there will be no more progress. What you see is what you get. I hope it's helpful in its current state, but please don't rely on it. Use in conjunction with the Olympus manual.

I bought an Olympus E-30 in May 2009. On the whole I'm very happy with it, but the documentation is pretty terrible, and some of the firmware gives me the impression that it was released in a hurry. I've found at least one important feature (how to switch target mode without using the menus) which doesn't appear to have made it to the documentation. I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to work out how specific functionality is implemented, and how to use it to its best. These page are (currently) a work in progress describing the conflicting terminology that Olympus uses. They draw on Olympus' documentation, a review by Andrzej Wrotniak, and my own experience and experimentation.

I have the following pages:

Finally, I'm preparing my own review of the camera.

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