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This document is a work in progress. Please don't rely on it.

The Olympus E-30 has a plethora of settings, many of them poorly documented. I'm keeping this page for my own benefit to describe the base settings I'm using, and why.


  1. Focus mode. This can be changed by the AF button on top left. Use S-AF+MF for most things, MF when I don't want to be disturbed.

  2. Focus mode mode (page 95 of manual)

    • MF: mode3 (perform single AF when the AEL/AFL button is pressed.

    • S-AF and S-AF+MF: mode2 (press shutter half way to focus, all the way to set exposure).

    • C-AF and C-AF+MF: mode1. I don't know why, since I don't use this AF mode, and it's not the default.

  3. Autofocus sensors: “Five sensors” mode, which can alternate with “all sensors” mode in autofocus modes (in MF it can still autofocus in the “five sensors” mode). The centre point can be changed by the wheels (rear wheel: vertically, front wheel: horizontally).

  4. AF setup: Spiral.

Exposure metering

  1. ISO sensitivity: 200, fixed. Can be changed via the ISO button (behind shutter release).

    This used to be 100, but various reviews suggest that the camera works better at default 200/24° ISO.

  2. ISO Step (Custom Menu 1/E): 1 EV.
  3. Flash exposure compensation: 0 EV. This used to be +0.7 EV, but that was with different flashes.



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