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Wednesday, 22 May 2024 Dereel Images for 22 May 2024
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Greg sick?
Topic: health Link here

Yvonne's cold hasn't passed me by completely. I have a bit of a sore throat. Which was is it going to go? Better, worse, or unchanged? So far it's unchanged.

OM System Workspace
Topic: technology, photography, opinion Link here

Why didn't Olympus Workspace not want to connect to the “server” yesterday? It's too polite to say more than “Failed to communicate with the server". Which server? What failure? Checked and found that it was trying to contact, and that's an old, worn-out magic word. Now it needs to be called OM Workspace, and they're too polite to assume that you don't know that.

OK, try to download that. No, it claims not to know about Olympus Workspace, but it refuses to install while Olympus Workspace is present. OK, let's remove it. “Configuring Olympus Workspace 1.4.1”. Huh? I don't want to configure it, I want to remove it. And after 10 minutes with no progress, it became clear that it, too, was trying to contact the dead server.

Or so I thought. The program app was still running. Stop it, and the removal went through. Probably obvious to a Microsoft user, but it confused the hell out of me.

So, install OM Workspace, which still wanted a camera serial number. Not a problem: all the sample images on the DPReview web site include metadata, so I could have used one of those. But it was easier to copy my own metadata. And yes, all worked, sort of. Though I had just downloaded the program from their web site, it was out of date! First I needed to update it to the latest and greatest.

And what can I do with it? Not much. But at least I can use it to update firmware. I wondered if it can update my Olympus E-1 DSLR, but of course it couldn't. I wonder if it can even recognize the serial number, which is only 5 digits long.

Why buy an OM System OM-1 Mark II?
Topic: photography, opinion Link here

So should I replace the dead Olympus OM-D E-M1 or buy a new OM System OM-1 Mark II, a camera so new that not even its maker has been able to create a usable web page about it? Downloaded a few YouTube videos, a couple of which gave some insight. It seems that the built-in neutral density filter is quite flexible, and it may even be useful: it's graded, and the position and angle can be changed. That would address a number of the issues that I had fifteen years ago. But my guess is that it only applies to JPEG images. And then there's a 14 bit pixel mode, though what I've seen so far doesn't make it clear whether that applies generally or only to high-resolution images. And one of the videos claim that it can be used as a web cam “out of the box”, whatever that might mean.

But there's so much more that seems important. The sensor is faster, which allows for even faster stills, up to 120 per second with the electronic shutter. What does that say about flash synchronization? The E-M1 Mark 1 could only manage 1/13 s, while the E-M1 Mark II can manage 1/60 s. That's not even documented!

But one thing that is clear: the image quality is better, and it's reflected in the highest sensitivities. All cameras have a maximum ISO setting of 25,000/45°, which they insist on calling 25,600, but the OM-1 Mark II has an extended setting of up to 100,000/51° (102,480, of course). Downloaded some sample images, and I'll play round with them.

Understanding the hydra net hang
Topic: technology Link here

More photo processing with despise running on hydra, and more hangs. They're becoming predictable: feed more than about 50 images to “Perfectly Clear” and it will hang. And maybe it will recover by itself after a while (10 seconds? 50 seconds?). But in the process it stores truncated images. A repeat fixes that, but it's still irritating.

Thursday, 23 May 2024 Dereel
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Life with infections
Topic: health Link here

It's clear that Yvonne did manage to infect me with her cold (or whatever it was): I have a sore throat, and I was feeling considerably under the weather, to the point that I had to turn up the heating and put on a second jumper. I wasn't feeling overly bad, but it's (almost) a new experience for me.

More OM-1 Mark II investigations
Topic: photography, opinion Link here

Spent more time looking at videos about the OM System OM-1 Mark II. Yes, it has interesting features. Autofocus is better but still not good, they say. And I don't really need a graduated neutral density filter: I have one already, and I don't use it. The image quality is better than the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, but not by much: it's worse at 6400/39° ISO than the E-M1 Mark II is at 3200/36° ISO, so it doesn't really buy me much. And the cheapest price I can find with Australian warranty is $3,350 (USD 2,217). That's over 8 times what the seller of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 is asking. In addition, the OM-1 Mark II is relatively new in the market; it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that the prices will drop by more than the price asked for the E-M1. So I think I'll go for the E-M1.

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