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September 1958
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Monday, 1 September 1958 Melbourne → Seymour? → Melbourne
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I think we must have gone visiting relatives in Seymour today. All I can recall is driving through a gully past a stream, where some Acacias were flowering. It was raining, and my mother, ever one for categorical statements, told me “it always rains on the first day of spring”.

Friday, 26 September 1958 Melbourne
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Two days until my birthday, and the last day in the week. On your birthday you get off sports, and I hate sports! Off after lunch to look for Mr. Vining to ask permission. But I wasn't the first: in front of me was Olivia Newton-John, asking for the same thing. I never knew that we were born on the same day.

I claimed this for decades after, but we weren't. It was her birthday, and mine was two days later. Not a good indication of my deduction powers.

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