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November 1972
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This page was entered manually from the paper originals on 29 March 2017. Items in italics, like this, were added at this time. And yes, there are only 7 entries.

Saturday, 4 November 1972 Bow, etc.
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Thank God Mecky didn't want to go to Ottery! It was pissing with rain, and I certainly saw no advantage whosoever in going.

This was the annual Guy Fawkes Day celebration, to which I had been at least twice before.

Instead back home for a sweet and sour and a dirty evening - for a girl with the beliefs/prejudices that Mecky has, she is certainly getting over them effectively. My original estimate of about the 10th November might have been radically reduced if the had not had a violent reaction to condoms. Oh Mecky - thank you for just being you. It's not just sex.

Tuesday, 7 November 1972 Bow, etc.
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Mecky now going through a period of depression trying to equate her physical yearnings (which are obviously considerable) with her hitherto strict Catholic upbringing/beliefs. Hope she gets over it.

This evening was marked by another recollection: we were in her room in college, and when she discovered what I was planning, she said „Lock' die Tür“. So I called to the door, but it didn't listen.

Friday, 10 November 1972 Bow, etc.
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And so to the long-awaited dirty weekend! Off round lunchtime to Tavistock, basically to see Plaisterdown camp, now being used for Ugandan Asians, but also to reestabish contact with the Normans. Had a very good day for the numberplate game - 909 to 904 inclusive within ¾ hour, which must be some sort of record. Mecky liked the Moor (we went across from Ashburton, longer and steeper but more interesting), and we made quite good time to Plaisterdown, where they are far better organised than at Heathfield

The only Heathfield I can find in the area is near Newton Abbot, which I'm sure is not the right place.

- quite honestly, I can't see anything to do to help, but we said we would do our bit whenever we could, though I can't help feeling the bloke we talked to is a bit of a Vicky Payne type, expecting all to do as much as they can, to the neglect of all else.

Then to see the Normans, delighted to see us, but going out in ½ hour - invited us to makan this time next week. Home and had a German Abendbrot and a very gemütlich Abend, before the final bloody test in the evening. My original estimate was remarkably accurate! Piles causing me untold agony in the evening.

Saturday, 11 November 1972 Bow, etc.
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Come to think of it, Mecky lost her virginity exactly as, at the other end of the world, the beam of light moved across the Shrine of Rememberance in Melbourne. Any significance?

Party, despite all fears, many of which were justified, was a success. Guy Belsham and bird (Liz) turned up, got the latter pissed, etc. Amy and Bob, to my extreme surprise but not displeasure, noticably messed up the eiderdwon on my bed, and Kirsti Andersen made off with another Norweigian block called (thank God he was not an Arab) Sib,

According to Matin Tatari, Sib (possibly incorrectly reported) is an Arabic word for penis.

who later in the evening gave her a piggy back round the house on all fours before finally settling down where they fell. Prav having the time of his life, and so, later, did Mecky and I.

Another recollection that I didn't record: while Mecky was talking to somebody, I came up behind her and put my arms round her, joining them over her stomach. She carried on almost as if nothing had happened. So I asked Pravin to do the same, and then walked out in front of her. That was a sight.

Sunday, 12 November 1972 Bow, etc.
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So much for the 9 am mass in Crediton! Woke up with a splitting headache (unusual) at 1030, and was just comfortably in Mecky, when enter Guy Belsham offering coffee - until he knew what was involved.

Presumably he thought he could make instant coffee.

Eventually down, and had a post-mortem and an Alka-Seltzer - Guy Belsham was also affected, as was Mecky, but not the others. Very gemütlich breakfast, and then Guy Belsham took the Norwegians in to Crediton to catch a bus - don't know why they were in such a hurry. Guy Belsham eventually back, and then all of us went in his Transit (or whatever) to the New Inn, where we all put back a lot of booze, though the girls didn't find out until later (gave them bloody Marys disguised as tomato juice). Mecky, benefiting greatly thereby, cooked up makan, served at 1630, civilised time, and then Guy Belsham and I reminiscing about OBS, etc, much to everybody's amusement. Reminiscing (came across such concrete evidence as a receipt from the Station Hotel Ipoh, for 2 breakfasts, dated 30.III.1967) brings home to me how much the memories have mellowed.

In fact, the incident took place a day later, as the diary entry and receipt showed. This must have been a transcription error.

Must try and keep this diary up again - it's fun.

Eventually Guy Belsham and Liz off, and Mecky showed a degree of randiness which I had not expected even from her.

Later in the evening, hell of a storm blew up, TV aerial down, and nearly caught a chill in a vain attempt to reërect it. As a result, rather than subject me to such a strain, Mecky stayed the night - Mecky, I love you!

Monday, 13 November 1972 Bow, etc.
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Despite expectations, still in town this afternoon when Mecky had to go to see Dr. Johnson about the pill - over there, but she had already left. Back to Lopes, where she was with Amy - apparently they had both bumped into each other on the way over, which I thought highly amusing, as they were both after the same thing. After finding the cost (35p per month for Lyndiol, which Mecky has already taken for her skin - Ovanon costs 42½p, as against 56p for 3 months, which is what Sue paid the FPA, advised Amy to go to the FPA, which she apparently agreed to.

Tuesday, 14 November 1972 Bow, etc.
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To see Dan Twining today; suggested more suppositories, operation was painful (“Not to worry - they just drop off”).

My recollection was that at some point, maybe not on this occasion, he had said “If I thought that an operation was the way to go, I would have had my own operated years ago”. That kept me from an operation for nearly another 12 years of pain.

More Anusol HC, but this time suppositories. By the time Mecky and I got to the DH refectory, all the good stuff was gone, so to the Gaanges, filling ourselves to such an extent that we could only go back to bed. And to think I once thought Sue was good in bed! Problems with Amy; late period may not just be irregularity.

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