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June 1977
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This page contains the only entry from my paper diary for July 1977, the very last entry in the diary I started on 1 January 1963 and stopped keeping regularly on 1 October 1970. It was entered on 25 February 2012. Items in italics, like this, were added at this time.

Tuesday, 14 June 1977 Oberhausen
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And so another year goes by, and I pave the way to hell with good intentions. Should not the 10 years of turbulence predicted by the good old astrologer in Madras in May 1967 be up by now? What does the future old? Today Mr. Brinkmann told me that Mr Enzelmüller had not, after all, taken his contract back to Bonames with him yesterday—Mr. Althoff has apparently decided that this, after all, a case for the Aufsichtsrat, and had decided to let them have their say, which should take 2 weeks (or is this just a silly joke on somebody's part? Poor Enzelmüller—I bet he's jumping for joy. But it just goes to show how much time is lost through communication in a large company. Organize a computer like that and you'd have to be IBM to sell it.

Had my joys with the 158 today—wait times up to 3-4 hours, and just in the crucial minute or so I managed to delete a program that a batch job wanted, flying merrily down the Data 100 with an 806. Ah, I hope the Tandem comes soon and gives me enough work to forget about IBM.

In the evening, back to IBAT and assembled yet another version of Ferry's immortal cockup. Still, as long as it doesn't run, I'm making money. With the amount I'm making here I should be able to afford a microcomputer—like a Z-80, for example (or should I recognise good hardware and go 6800?).

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