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This is an old page that I stopped updating in 2006. Updates since then are of cosmetic nature only.

In the Adelaide Hills, you now get a choice of telephone carrier, but there's no choice in who supplies the copper: it's Telstra. On the whole, the service is pretty good, which is a doubly good thing: when the phones fail, they tend to all fail at once and take forever to be repaired. In the process, they almost never honour the legislated Customer Service Guarantee. As of June 2005, despite my efforts at publicity, they have honoured it only once on six occasions. My letters to my local Federal MP, the Hon Alexander Downer, do not seem to have been able to change this situation.

The problem appears to lie with the organization of the company. They all consist of independent groups who don't seem to speak the same language, let alone attempt to speak to each other. In addition, it's almost impossible to achieve any continuity: they must be the only big company I know which doesn't have a postal address.

This page gives an overview of the problems we've had over the years.

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