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In 1992 and 1993 I produced a CD-ROM with free software ported to UnixWare. It was distributed by Novell for promotional purposes, but I retained the copyright for the CD itself.

With a revival of interest in old software, I'm providing it here in two forms:

CD-ROM image, gzipped (384 MB)
Tarball, gzipped (384 MB)

Here's the summary file README.LEMIS from the original CD-ROM, and below is the file CATALOGUE with a brief list of the ports.

LEMIS ported software for UNIX System V.4.2 on Intel based machines


This CD-ROM contains a large number of well-known, high-quality
software packages. All are in source, the most useful ones are also
ported to the Intel 386 architecture. Due to space constraints (only
650 MB!), we have chosen not to port some software which duplicates
the software already supplied with your system. If you are interested
and have a development package, you can compile them yourselves from
the sources.

A complete list of the software is supplied in the file CATALOGUE,
also in this directory. This will give you a brief overview of what is
available and whether it has been ported or not. For further
information, refer to the files called README.LEMIS in the appropriate

Files in this directory

CATALOGUE       A list of the software products on the CD
COPYRIGHT       Information about software copyrights
                Information about the Free Software Foundation
SUPPORT         Information about how to obtain support, maybe free
LICENSE.GNU     GNU general public license
README.LEMIS    This file

Subdirectories in this directory

DOCUMENTATION   Various documentation (but see also package
                documentation in SOURCE)
ETC             Odds and ends
PICTURES        Various digitised images
SOURCE          Source to all packages, in gzipped tar format
UNPORTED        Directory trees with unported software

The other subdirectories in this directory are the installable
software packages.

Installing the programs

The programs may either be executed directly from the CD-ROM or
installed on hard disk. Executing directly has the advantage that you
do not require any additional hard disk space, but the disadvantages
that you cannot use the CD-ROM drive for anything else while you are
executing programs from it, and that access time to a CD-ROM is much
slower than to a hard disk.

Installing to hard disk

1. Insert the CD--ROM in the drive.
2. From the Desktop, select (double click on) System_Setup.
3. In System Setup, select (double click on) Appl-n_Setup.
4. In Application Setup, set cursor on View, drag to select
   ``Uninstalled Appl'ns'', follow right arrow to the submenu with
   devices, and select cdrom1. Release button.
5. After a delay - up to 5 minutes with a slow CD-ROM and early
   versions of Unix SVR4.2 - a list of installable packages will be
   displayed. Select a package with a double click, then select
   Application and drag down to produce a menu. Select Install, and
   the package will be installed.

To install from a terminal window, ensure that the CD--ROM is mounted,

  # mount -ro -f cdfs /dev/cd0 /cdrom

and then enter the pkgadd utility:

  # pkgadd -d /cdrom

The pkgadd utility will then prompt you for further actions.

If you know the name of the package that you want to install, you can
enter it on the command line. For example, to install xdiary you could enter

  # pkgadd -d /cdrom xdiary

This speeds up installation considerably, since the CD-ROM does not
need to be searched.Up to 10 names may be entered on a single command line.

For further information on the software installation process, refer to
your system documentation.

Some of the packages here have been taken from USL unchanged. These
may be missing documentation..

Executing from CD-ROM

In order to execute from CD-ROM, the directory opt of the CD-ROM must
be mounted as /opt. In order to do this, enter:

  # mount -ro -f cdfs /dev/cd0 /cdrom
  # ln -s /cdrom/opt /opt

There are a number of restrictions in executing programs this way:

- Access is much slower
- Your CD-ROM drive is tied up as long as you use any program
- The opt directory MUST be linked to /opt, since many programs have
  this path name compiled in. If you already have the directory /opt,
  and it contains files that you need, you will have to rename it
- Many X11 programs need the application defaults and class database
  installed in /usr/X in order to work correctly, and thus will not
  work correctly if executed from the CD-ROM. You can work around this
  problem by unmounting the CD-ROM, installing the programs, and then
  removing all files in /opt and remounting the CD-ROM.
- Since programs installed to the hard disk also get installed in /opt
  (due to the compiled-in path names), you cannot install some files
  to disk and run the rest from CD-ROM.

In general, we recommend installing to hard disk. Running from CD-ROM
can be interesting to "try out" a program, but it has a number of

Program documentation

See the file DOCUMENTATION/README.LEMIS for more information about the
documentation supplied with individual packages.

Copyrights and ownership

For the most part, these programs are NOT public domain. They are the
property of a person or of an organisation. However, they have been
expressly supplied free of charge under certain constraints. Normally,
these constraints are that the code should not be used for commercial
purposes. There are different flavours of this constraint. For

- the GNU C compiler (gcc) may not be sold commerically. You may not
  embed any of its code in a product which you sell commercially,
  unless you supply all such code in source form and free of
  restrictions on redistribution. You may, however, use gcc to compile
  programs which you sell commercially.

- the GNU C library (glibc) may not be used in products which are sold

- some other products may not be used commercially in any way.

To the best of our knowledge and belief, there are no programs or data
on this CD-ROM which may not be distributed in this form. If you know
of any, please let us know.

Running the programs

Most programs will run immediately as installed. However, there are a
couple of problems which could occur.  In case of doubt, read the file
/cdrom/source/<package>/README.LEMIS. This may contain more

When running programs which use X11, you may run into dynamic linker
problems. This will normally not be the case if you start them from
the UNIX Desktop, but may occur if you start them under other
circumstances. The message printed is something like:

  $ xfishtank
  dynamic linker : ./xfishtank : error opening

The usual reason for this is that the dynamic linker is not searching
the correct libraries. Type:

  $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH

and the problems should go away.  If you add these lines to your
.profile file, it should work automatically from the next login.


These programs are supplied "as-is" with no guarantee and no free
support.  A typical legal position is described in the GNU general
public license, which is also included in this directory as

LEMIS will, however, supply best-efforts support for any of these
products. This support may be free - see the conditions described in
SUPPORT for more details. Even if it isn't free, and you don't want to
pay for it, please let us know. We don't promise to fix it, but at
least we know of the problem, and we may be able to fix it. If you
have a fix, please also let us know. That way, our next issue will be
even better.


This is the contents of the file CATALOGUE:

Port status - 5 October 1993

Port status abbreviations:

       + - portation completed for LEM001
       * - portation completed for LEM003
       U - ports directly from USL

Port    Product         Version         Description
*       ImageMagick     2.3             a collection of X11 image processing and display utilities
*       SeeTeX          2.18.5          X-based dvi viewer
*       TeX             3.14            Text processing system
+       acm             2.4             Multi--user flight combat simulator
+       agrep           2.04            Approximate grep
+       astrolog        2.25            Astrology program
*       aXe             5.0             X-oriented text editor
*       banners                         Collection of banner writing programs
*       bash            1.12            Bourne Shell clone with many extras
*       bison           1.21            yacc lookalike
*       blast           1.0             X hole blasting demo
*       cdplayer                        Audio CD playing program
*       cperf           2.1             ``Perfect'' Hash table generator
*       cpio            2.3             GNU cpio
*       cpu             1.0             CPU usage display
*       cube            1.0.2           Rubik's cube game
+       diff            2.2             Enhanced diff program
*       dvips           5.49            .DVI to PostScript converter
*       ease            3.5             Sendmail configuration utility
+       ecc             1.2.1           Error correcting code generator
+       elib            0.06            EMACS LISP library
+       elm             2.4.17          The Elm mail reader
*       emacs           19.17           The definitive emacs editor
+       expect          3.24.0          Expect dialogue tool
+       ezMenu                          X11 menu library
+       f2c             3.2.90          Fortran to C translator
+       faces           1.6.1           visual list monitor
+       fgrep           1.1             Extended grep utility
*       fileutils       3.6             File utility programs
+       find            3.8             GNU find
+       flex            2.3.8           Lex lookalike
+       fontutils       0.6             Font utilities
*       gawk            2.15.2          GNU awk
*       gcc             2.4.5           GNU C compiler (including C++ and objective C)
*       gdb             4.9             GNU debugger
+       gdbm            1.5             GNU database manager
*       ghostscript     2.6.1           Postscript emulator
*       ghostview       1.5             X interface for Ghostscript
+       gnuchess        4.0.60          Chess Game for X11 (package name chess)
+       gnugo           1.0             GO program
*       gnuplot         3.4             Interactive plotting program
+       grep            2.0             GNU grep
+       gsfonts         1.0             Fonts for Ghostscript
*       gzip            1.2.3           GNU zip
*       hpcdtoppm       0.3             Conversion utility for PhotoCDs
*       indent          1.8             GNU indenter for C programs
*       invaders        2.0             X-based game
*       ispell          4.0             GNU Spell check program
+       jewel           1.5             Tetris like X game (source directory xjewel)
*       kaleidos        1.0.3           Kaleidoscope demo
*       kit             2.0             The Ultimate Mailing Kit
*       less            1.77            GNU less
*       m4              1.0             Macro generator
*       make            3.68            GNU make
*       malawai         0.1             game
*       malloc          0.1             malloc Routines
*       man             1.0             Manual reading program
*       maze                            X-based maze generator
+       mpeg            1.2             Video software decoder
+       mspawn          0.06            Mandelspawn - distributed Mandelbrot program (source directory ms)
*       mtools          2.0.7           DOS file access routines
+       mush            7.2.5           Mail Users Shell
+       oleo            1.3             Spreadsheet
U       oneko           1.1             Demo
+       para            0.25            EMACS para mode
+       patch           2.0.12u8        patch Program
+       pax             1.1             Portable archive exchange
+       pbmplus         10dec91         Extended Portable Bitmap Toolkit
*       pcal            4.3             PostScript calendar utility
+       perl            4.036           Shell/report language
=       psf             3.5             PostScript filter
*       psutils         2.2             PostScript utilities
*       rcs             5.6             Revision control system
*       regex           2.1             Regular expression library
*       rolodex         2.0.2           Address list utility
*       sc              6.21            Spreadsheet calculator
+       screen          3.2b            Multiple screen utility
+       seyon           2.0.6           X11 telecommunications package
*       shar                            Shell archive utility
+       shellutils      1.8             Shell utilities
+       spider                          Card game
+       stream          1.0             Speedup program for streaming tapes
+       sxpm            3.2c            Pixmap utilities (source directory xpm)
*       tar             1.12.2          GNU tar with numerous enhancements
+       tcl             6.4             Tool command language
+       texi2roff       2.0             TeX info to roff conversion program
+       texfonts                        Collection of fonts for TeX
+       texinfo         2.16            TeX info macro package for TeX
+       textutils       1.3             Text utilities
+       tk              3.0             X11 Toolkit - based on Tcl
+       transfig        2.1.6           Fig code translation facility
+       trn                             Threaded Internet News reader
+       vgaset          1.1             VGA card and monitor setup for X
+       wdiff           0.03            Word mode front end for ``diff''
*       xalarm          3.0             Alarm clock for X
+       xanim           2.29.7          Animation in X environment
+       xboard          2.1.9           X-based chessboard for GNU chess (package name chessbord)
+       xbomb           1.0             X bomb game
+       xbrowser        2.0             Bit map browser (source directory: xbmbrowser)
+       xcalendar       3.1             X calendar utility
=       xcoral          1.72            Editor and browser
U       xdiary          1.0             Daily diary in X environment
+       xditview                        X display of ditroff DVI files
+       xfig            2.1.6           Facility for interactive generation of figures under X11
+       xfishtank       2.2             Fish tank demo
+       xfm             1.1             X file manager
=       xfsm            1.0             X-based File system usage monitor
+       xgas                            Simulation of gas motion under X
+       xgrabsc         1.10            X grab and print screen
+       xinfo           1.01.01         X Info widget
+       xkal            1.13            X11 appointment calendar
+       xlander         ?               Lunar lander simulation fox X
=       xless           1.4.1           X-based file browser
+       xlife           3.0             Interactive `Life' graphics demo
+       xlimage         3.01            View images under X (source directory xloadimage)
+       xlock           2.3             Lock X server for password
+       xmandel                         X Mandelbrot demo
+       xmines          1.0             Minesweeper game for X
+       xmris           3.03            game
+       xneko                           Cat and mouse game --- mouse is the mouse cursor
+       xpaint          2.0.2           Paint Tool for X11
+       xpeg            1.0             Pegboard simulation under X
+       xphoon          18 Sep 91       X demo of current phase of moon
+       xpilot          1.0             Multiplayer gravity war game hand-shake program
+       xpipeman                        Graphical pipe construction game
=       xpm             3.2c            Pixmap conversion program
+       xpool           1.2             X-based Pool game
+       xroach          1.0             ``Cockroaches'' on root window, hide under other windows
=       xspringies      1.1             X-based spring motion simulation
+       xswarm                          ``swarming flies'' demo
*       xtetris         2.5.2           Tetris game
*       xtset           1.0             xterm header writing utility
+       xv              2.20            interactive image display
+       xviewgl         1.1             Display GRASP (animation) library files under X
+       xwave           2.0             Perspective projection of a plane grid oscillating
=       xwho            1.0             X-based version of rwho
+       xworm           1.0             Draw worms under X

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