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I very seldom use commercial software, but free photographic software is often inadequate. One product that has been warmly recommended for the quality of its output is DxO Optics “Pro”, a raw image converter that can apply multiple corrections to the images, including lens and camera specific geometry and chromatic aberration corrections. I don't know what “Pro” means: there are two versions, DxO Optics “Pro” normal version and DxO Optics “Pro” “Elite” for more expensive cameras; otherwise they're identical. Fortunately my camera is supported by the cheaper version.

It's an amazing mixture of good and bad. On the good side, yes, the quality of the images I get out of it is good, and that's the reason I actually paid money for it. On the other hand, it's so buggy and so inefficiently implemented that it drives me mad. In addition, the “support” department may be able to help people who are having (presumably mainly understandable) difficulties using the product, but they seem to be completely unwilling to accept that the product has any deficiencies, even in the fact of hard evidence. I've been continually told that the problem was with my configuration: using a virtual machine, using the wrong version of Microsoft “Windows”, not using enough memory (though it was more than the specified requirements), using a 32 bit operating system (also in the specs).

The problems I see are:

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