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This was taken in Australia in September 1998

The photo shows me in my office in Echunga in front of two computers and an X terminal. It was taken in September 1998. This page reflects the situation then. Since then, I've moved to a new office.

In this office are a number of machines:

The monitors are both 21" iiyama VisionMasters, which I can heartily recommend. Unfortunately I don't know where they are available outside Germany, though I'm told they're available in the United Kingdom [of Great Britain and Northern Ireland] as well. They are both connected to two machines: the left-hand one has a BNC connection to iskra and a D-Sub connection to freebie. The right-hand one has a BNC connection to raptor and a D-Sub connection to freebie. freebie is running an ancient version of the XI Graphics X server, which can handle some combinations of display cards.

The keyboard is a Northgate OmniKey/Plus, now retired. It was the best keyboard I ever had, but after 8 years of constant pounding it wore out. I'm now using an Avant Stellar keyboard, which is very similar, but which has this damn silly inverted T cursor pad invented by some marketeer who didn't know how to type. If anybody knows where I can get a new OmniKey/Plus, please contact me.

To the left of my head you can see two external modems on top of a UPS. The UPS supplies and

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