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Greg's garden home page Gardening diary July 2007 to August 2008 Mystery plants
Greg's garden as of 6 September 2008 Monthly photos of flowers in garden

Web sites

ABC Gardening Australia Australian National Botanical Garden Gardenweb Australia
Help Me Find Australian Plant Society, Vic ASGAP links page (broken markup)
Greenfoot Floridata Plant Press encylopaedia Diggers Club
Tessellaar (ISP?) Gardenstew
Annual, perennial and biennial flowers

Flower shows

Stawell Orchid Society Spring in the Grampians


Pruning primer Identifying flowering plants How to prune lilacs
Pruning large, overgrown lilacs Roses from cuttings (UK) Roses from cuttings (US)
Phosphorus tolerance Propagating cane begonias

Shade trees

Google search Fast growing shade trees Fast growing trees nursery


Bamboo suppliers Nindethana seed service Seedworld Australia
Kimseed Philmac sprinklers eBay Australia (no DNS)

Individual plants

Buddleia Sungold Buddleia Weyeiana “Honeycomb” Grevillea nudiflora
Paulownia Sapphire Dragon Powton Sapphire Dragon (ours)
Citrus care Croton society Chilean plants
Identifying Vibernums Caring for staghorn ferns Caring for staghorn ferns
Staghorn fern Growing foxgloves from seed Stephanotis floribunda (Nottle)
Neem (Nottle)


weed of national significance fact sheet Weeds Australia


Nurseries in Ballarat


How to get Google search Another Google search
Garden Planner Free garden downloads Sketchup based
Landscape software


Photos of greenhouses Hunkin (NZ) White fly (Australia)
White fly (USA)

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