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by Greg Lehey
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On Tuesday, 27 May 2003, I spoke to Kieran O'Shaughnessy, managing director of SCO Australia. He claims that there are two separate issues: the complaint against IBM for breach of contract, and the discovery of UNIX System V code in Linux, apparently put there by somebody else. He told me that SCO had entrusted three independent companies to compare the code of the UnixWare and Linux kernels. All three had come back pointing to significant occurrences of common code ("UnixWare code", as he put it) in both kernels.

In view of the long and varied history of UNIX, I wondered whether the code in question might have been legally transferred from an older version of UNIX to Linux, so I asked him if he really meant UnixWare and not System V.4. He stated that it was specifically UnixWare 7.

SCO are not prepared to say where the offending code is located, of course. I've done some thinking and came to the conclusions:

All of this is pure educated conjecture, of course. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who has come to this conclusion. If SCO is innocent, it's easy enough to prove it--now. They only need to point to the offending code, which is a good idea even without such theories. If they do it later, they'll leave themselves open to charges that they have rewritten the Linux support in the meantime.

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