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In March 2010 I had problems with my complimentary subscription to Safari books online and had to contact their support. The were unable to support me. The details are in the link above, but at the end of the matter—after I had found the correct solution elsewhere—I received a survey asking “How did we do”. On the positive side, I was able to recognize a certain “professionalism” (if that's the word; politeness, anyway), but they didn't help in the slightest:

Your customer service representatives are only part of the serious issues you have. They consistently ignored the information I provided them. They seem completely unable to handle email. I provided them with a specific URL which illustrates the problem. After 4 requests, they still did not seem to have understood.

On the positive side, they appeared to be willing to help, and responded quickly. But in general I would say that they were worse than useless, and I got my "solution" elsewhere.

The other issues are serious bugs in the Safari interface. It turned out that my first problem was that my account had been disabled--without my being informed--and instead of being told that, I was given a redirect loop (one page redirecting to another, which then redirected back again). The page I finally found came up with an error message only marginally related to the problem. I had my account reinstated, but I was unable to make your customer service understand that this is a problem. Most browsers can't recover from the loop; they just come up with some message about "there is an issue with the web server".

The next problem I had was that the reinstated account places a restriction on which books I'm allowed to read. I am now not allowed to read specific books, including one I had been reading. I had it bookmarked, and when I went to access it, I got an error message telling me "page not found". Are you not interested in selling upgrades?

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