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One of the less pleasant consequences of moving from Echunga to Dereel in July 2007 was that I lost my ADSL line and had to resort to other methods. After a disastrous attempt to use Telstra's NextG service, I got a satellite connection with IPStar. This was the most unreliable network connection I have ever had. In December 2010, I moved to Internode's NodeMobile Data service.

This page bases on earlier pages that I wrote for the DSL and satellite connections.

The graphs show:

The graphs were made with gnuplot, and I'm not very happy with the smoothing. In particular, the right-hand side of smoothed graphs has too much influence, and it's easy to get the false impression that the link status or TCP speed have changed significantly in the last few minutes. If anybody can point me at a way to fix this problem, I'd be grateful.

Click on the graphs for a 1600x1200 version.

3G link statistics 3G link statistics

3G link statistics 3G link statistics

3G link statistics 3G link statistics

Detailed outage information

With the satellite link I had continual outages, 1685 over a period of 3 years, or one every 15 hours. This section will monitor the 3G link for similar outages, though I hope they'll be much better. I have a program that evaluates the outage information and produces detailed outage information. Here's the information on the past 10 outages, along with the overall statistics:

Start time End time  Duration   Badness        from                    to

0 0 hub w3 	#

Start time End time	Duration	Badness
0 0 hub w3 	#

Total 1 outages, total time 0 seconds (00:00:00)
Average time between outages:	0 seconds (00:00:00)
Average duration:		0 seconds (00:00:00)
Availability:			  nan%

“Badness” is an attempt to quantify the effect. It's the reciprocal of the number of seconds per hour that the link was up between failures (i.e. 3600 / uptime).

And here is the summary information for the past 10 days with a less than 100% record:

Date        Outages   Duration  Availability    Date
0 0 hub w3 	#

Date        Outages   Duration  Availability
0 0 hub w3 	#

-36000	  1	 50400	 41.67%	#  1 January 1970
Total:		  1	 50400	100.00%

The dates in the left columns are in UNIX time_t format to ease further processing. I also have lists of all individual outages, or summaries per day.

The monitor scripts

The scripts that do this monitoring are:

Download the scripts

I'm still adapting the scripts from the satellite versions. If you're interested, come back in a few days, or send me mail.

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