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This is a page that I'm putting together to compare various HDR software.

There are a number of questions about HDR. Firstly, what are you trying to achieve? Early HDR images were really spectacular and decidedly artificial. That's pretty much the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve: I'm trying to achieve photos that have shadow detail without being burnt out. A lot of this falls into the area of Tone mapping, of course: I'm sure that one of these days camera sensors will have an adequate dynamic range, but I can't see it ever being the case that it can be represented as-is on paper or a display screen.

On the other hand, creating HDR images with current technology involves merging multiple images. That gives rise to ghosting, like in this image:
Image title: garden se 3 detail          Dimensions:          1162 x 1358, 400 kB
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How do you get rid of that? That's my main question at the moment. I have a script that uses components of Hugin to merge the images. It doesn't perform deghosting, and fails miserably with the image above (which it generated).


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