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This is a page I wrote in late 2008 or early 2009, when I was thinking of buying an Olympus FL-50 or a Mecablitz 58 AF-1 O flash unit. It compares specifications gleaned from multiple sources. I'm now in the process of adding more flash units. Watch this space, but not too often.

YongNuo YN-560

YongNuo TTL flashes Oloong Speedlight Wireless TTL Flash SP-660 II for Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus manualNo on-camera TTL mode.

Vivitar DF-283

Bowwer SFD926


Feature       Olympus       Mecablitz       YongNuo YN-560       Cactus AF-45       Cactus AF-50       Vivitar DF-383
Shortest focal length (35 mm)       16       24/18       24/18             24       24
Longest focal length (35 mm)       85       135       105             105       85
Overheating protection       yes       yes       yes
Guide number 16 mm equiv       18
Guide number 50 mm equiv       40       42 (B&H)
Guide number 85 mm equiv       50                               45
Guide number 105 mm equiv       50       58       58             50
Guide number (unspecified FL)                         45
Flash count (full power, alkaline)       150       150
Flash count (full power, NiMH)       170       180
Flash count (full power, Li)       220      
Flash count (full power, external)             430
Flash recovery before recharge       10 s
Recovery time (full flash, unspecified)                   3 s       9 s       9 s
Recovery time (full flash, alkaline)       6.5 s       5 s
Recovery time (full flash, NiMh)       4 s       5 s
Recovery time (full flash, Li)       5 s
Recovery time (full flash, external)             2.5 s
Minimum flash duration                               1/20,000 s
Maximum flash duration                               1/1000 s
TTL auto mode       yes       yes       no       yes       yes       yes
Auto mode       yes       yes       no
Manual mode       yes       yes       yes
FP TTL auto mode       yes       yes       no
FP manual mode       yes       yes       no
Supplementary reflector       ?       yes
2nd curtain sync       ?       yes                   yes
automatic fill-in flash       ?       yes
AF assist       yes       yes       yes       yes       yes
Strobe mode       ?       yes

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