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What's V/Line? That's a good question. They used to be called VicRail, which could have given you the impression that they're a railway company. They are a railway company, of course, but they clearly don't want you to get that impression. They're trying to spread as much confusion as possible:

All in all, an excellent obfuscation, worthy of the “state of the art” on the “Internet”. But they have competition in the area of bad timetables: I think all railway companies are working on the principle of maximum annoyance. For unrelated reasons, in the evening we checked how long it takes to get from Newcastle on Tyne to London in England. The first surprise was that British Rail has changed its name too, to the much more ambiguous National Rail. After a bit of searching we were presented with connections that took between 3 and 10 hours. The first to leave was the last to arrive. Of course, maybe there's a difference in fare, but you wouldn't want to see the fares on the same page as the timetable, would you?

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