Magia Negra

Last update: 8 October 1998
ERB Magia Negra is a Peruvian Paso mare, born in 1989, bred in California, with a show carreer behind her, who came over to Germany in 1995. She was bought in early 1996 by Yvonne Lehey, a french painter and sculptor, who had been interested in gaited horses for years and finally could realize her dream to own one herself.

So Magia came to live at the Lehey's place, until they decided to move to Australia in early 1997. After a lot of problems, Magia will finally join her owner in Down-under. She will take the plane tomorrow, and, hopefully, arrive safe and sound. When coming out of Sydney quarantine, she will be bred to Precioso, a black Peruvian Paso stallion in Victoria, before going to her new home in South Australia.

How do you recognise a Paso rider? Easy - at his big grin!

Magia - just arrived at our place.

Winter ride in Germany. Magia and Nouira (Purebred Arab)