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Subject: RE: Netcom blocked?                                                                
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 12:53:00 -0500                                                

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> Subject:      Netcom blocked?                 
> I can't seem to send mail to the stable group from netcom - is this
> domain blocked?  If so, it's sort of harsh - I can't even unsubscribe!

> Mike Harding
Caused me to cancel my Netcom account.  I am a former employee of Dave
Garrison, CEO of Netcom.  Knowing his personal opinion of spam I don't
see how his systems management team has been able to get away with    
having open relay hosts.                                              

My inquiries to Netcom customer support were spun off as a
misconfiguration of my mail client (shrug).               

Considering Netcom's anti-spam "statement", their position on relaying
seems to be extremely hypocritical.                                   

Hopefully, some resolution will be forthcoming...


Jerry Hicks