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Linus Torvalds Changes Allegiance
LinuxPosted by Hemos on Thursday February 07, @04:32PM
from the it-was-only-a-matter-of-time dept.
rusty writes: "Earlier today Greg Lehey gave an interesting talk at linux.conf.au entitled "Why BSD is better than Linux". Linus Torvalds, who was attending the conference, disguised in Groucho Marx glasses to avoid the attention of adoring geeks, immediately stated "Linux is dead. These guys have been getting it right all along, but we never gave them a second glance. Starting from Wednesday next week I'll be devoting all of my efforts to FreeBSD". Amazed onlookers burned Tux effigies and donned little red horns." This is the sort of thing that we'll claim was going to happen all along. Now, if only they had the Red Hat installer or apt-get.

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Intel's Big Chip
IntelPosted by CmdrTaco on Thursday February 07, @02:45PM
from the not-so-micro-after-all dept.
DeadBugs writes "News.com has an article about the size of the upcoming revision for the Itanium. The "McKinley" chip will be 464 square millimeters which would make it one of the largest ever produced. Most of this is due to the 64 bit registers and 3MB of Level 3 Cache. There is also a link to an article about "Chivano" an Itanium which will include concepts from the Alpha architecture"

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The Napsterization of TV
TelevisionPosted by CmdrTaco on Thursday February 07, @01:47PM
from the its-only-a-matter-of-time dept.
Lefty writes "This article in today's Boston Globe talks about the napsterization of TV shows and how the PC as a media server is going to make it happen. Burning TV shows to CD/DVD, e-mailing your friends TV shows, streaming TV over the Internet -- all things the dedicated set-top boxes can't do... The article talks about Snapstream, a PVR competitor to Moxi and ReplayTV, that runs on the PC and has media server capabilities. from the article: "Already you can find a great deal of pirated video material online. If SnapStream gets installed on millions of PCs, there'll be plenty more. And the TV moguls will find themselves knee deep in the digital acid bath.""

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Science: Modern Day Noah's Ark Dying
SciencePosted by Hemos on Thursday February 07, @01:09PM
from the down-into-the-great-blue-under dept.
hype7 writes "The Sydney Morning Herald is running a story about the Monash Institute of Reproduction and Development's Gene Bank, which appears to be running out of funding. It seems a terrible shame, because the Bank has managed to accumulate thousands of Australian and foreign endangered species; a kind of modern day Noah's Ark. At the moment it's in limbo, using funds diverted from other projects to keep it in ER, but the prospects aren't looking good."

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WinInformant Says Windows More Secure Than Linux
SecurityPosted by timothy on Thursday February 07, @11:35AM
from the ho-hum dept.
nihilist_1137 excerpts from this WinInformant article, which reads in part: "For at least the first 8 months of 2001, open-source poster child Linux was far less secure than Windows, according to the reputable NTBugTraq, which is hosted by SecurityFocus, the leading provider of security information about the Internet. ... A look at the previous 5 years--for which the data is more complete--also shows that each year, Win2K and Windows NT had far fewer security vulnerabilities than Linux, despite the fact that Windows is deployed on a far wider basis than any version of Linux." I wonder how many sysadmins (Windows or Linux) would agree with this conclusion. Update: 02/04 16:54 GMT by T: Looks like the WinInfo site has gone down since the story was submitted, so you may have to content yourself in the meantime with the Bugtraq numbers. Update: 02/04 19:30 GMT by T:Several readers have pointed out that the conclusions WinInformant makes based on the Bugtraq data are not those of SecurityFocus; the headline has been changed accordingly.

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Book Reviews: The Coldest March
NewsPosted by timothy on Monday February 04, @10:15AM
from the dress-thickly dept.
Stalwart reviewer Duncan Lawie contributed this review of Susan Solomon's The Coldest March, the epic tale of an early and tragic polar expedition, not long after returning from an Antarctic trip of his own. (Imagine spending New Year's en route to the southern ice.) Duncan's been cooking up some other things lately, too -- like an interview with Science Fiction writer Ken Macleod and a review of the LotR movie from a "bookist" perspective.

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Running AmigaOS on a PC (The Proper Way)
AmigaPosted by timothy on Monday February 04, @09:21AM
from the with-a-pinch-of-salt dept.
AmiLover writes: "OSNews is running a review of AmigaXL, a system that allows you to boot AmigaOS on your PC in a way that resembles a regular-booting x86 operating system. Screenshots accompany the article show the latest version of AmigaOS 3.9 running on a Compaq laptop. With AmigaOS 4.0 coming out in March with lots of new features (antialias fonts, better memory protection etc) is AmigaXL the one true future of Amiga, a future that AmigaDE, QNX and Gateway failed to materialize through their involvement with AmigaOS?"

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PSION Resurrected By Linux
HardwarePosted by timothy on Monday February 04, @08:19AM
from the compact-beauty dept.
razzer writes: "The PsiLinux.org team have worked magic with getting Linux to squeeze into its new home of portable computers. Thanks to the falling prices in hardware the PSION 5mx is the most powerful, cheapest and smallest way to carry your best friend Tux in your pocket. Something no geek should leave home without. But now its gone one step further, check out http://thomas.de-ruiter.cx/projects/psion which is Tader's site. You really need to see these PicoGUI ( http://www.picogui.org/ ) screenshots. The best one has got to be this one which shows the oustandingly attractive aqua theme."

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Looking Closely at the Restrictions of Linux on the PS2
LinuxPosted by timothy on Monday February 04, @07:27AM
from the gpl-trumps-doesn't-it dept.
Hal-kun writes: "I wrote an interesting article about Sony's upcoming Linux distro for the PS2 and some intellectual property concerns I have with it. It's an intresting look at how Sony limits the ability to have full access to the system, yet being able to keep it under GPL."

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Developers: A Warrior's Programming Language
It's funny.  Laugh.Posted by Hemos on Monday February 04, @04:29AM
from the dear-lord dept.
BlackNova writes "Var'aq is "a speculative glance at what a programming language on a Klingon computer system would look like." Make sure to read the Preliminary Specification and the Proposed Extensions."

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Developers: Perl Mongers Perl Magazine
PerlPosted by Hemos on Monday February 04, @12:42AM
from the mongering-it dept.
howardjp writes: "The Perl Mongers have announced that they are starting a new magazine called The Perl Review (not to be confused with the literary journal Pearl). Its first issue was published on 1 February in PDF-only format, but the article 'Extreme Publishing' describes the process by which they plan to expand. With The Perl Journal's future still somewhat in doubt, this is welcome news."

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Carmack: Lord of the Games
GamesPosted by timothy on Sunday February 03, @09:21PM
from the celebrity-status dept.
seer writes: "This article on Red Herring is a nice look at the interworkings of id software, most specifically their famous employee John Carmack. It delves deeply into the fact that id has stayed a very small company and dabbles with other topics such as Carmack's tendency to stay away from Microsoft 'standards' and the whole DooM ]I[ debacle. An interesting read."

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