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This bases on a recipe that I first tried on 9 October 2019. I've modified the quantities based on that experience. It started with a “samosa maker” from ALDI, which appears to be suboptimal..

But what's the best way to make them? Not surprisingly, I found a number of recipes both in my recipe books (one for “samoosa”) and on the web. All different. It seems that you can make them with vegetables or with meat, but vegetables seem more appropriate.

This version includes changes that I decided after the first attempt.


quantity       ingredient       step
15 g       ginger       1
40 g       onion       1
1 g       black mustard seed       2
4 g       coriander seed       2
3 g       cumminseed       2
1 g       fennel seed       2
3 g       garam masala       2
150 g       cooked potatoes       3
75 g       peas       3
2 g       curry leaves       4
5 g       coriander leaf       4
3 g       salt       4


  1. Cut the onions and ginger finely, fry in a little oil until onions are glassy.
  2. Grind the spices and add to the onion mixture.
  3. Add potatoes and peas and crush with a potato masher.
  4. Add leaves and salt and mix well.
  5. Roll out shortcrust pastry and cut into circles. Fold together in a wonton press.
  6. Deep fry quickly at 180°, then complete at a later time at round 150°.
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The recipes vary greatly, and I may play around with them. One common thread was dry-frying the spices before cooking, which may be worth checking on. And of course both the shortcrust pastry and the wonton press are less than authentic.

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