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In early 2004 a couple of things became clear to me:

After an abortive attempt to have our recorders repaired on the cheap, we saw a special offer in the flyer from Coles, an Australian supermarket chain: a Sonwa 6-head video recorder for AUD 129. Considering that overhauling our other recorders would probably cost $100 each, after which we'd still have second-hand video recorders, it sounded like a bargain. We bought one.

The good news: it works. The firmware, and probably the design, is several years old. The firmware is almost identical to the AIWA machine we bought six years ago. It works (a whole lot better than the Digitrex DVD recorder, but that's not saying much), and setup was a breeze, including automatic (and correct!) setup of the tuner.

So what's the down side? Not much, really. We were so happy with it that we bought a second one a few weeks later, by which time Coles had lowered the price to $99. About the only complaints we have are:

All in all, I'm happy with the units. If I needed another one, I would probably buy one.

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