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Friday, 27 May 2022 Dereel Images for 27 May 2022
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Be afraid, Finland!
Topic: politics, opinion Link here

Seen recently:

Where's Troy?
Topic: Stones Road house, general Link here

Yesterday Troy Addicoat promised to be here this morning. He wasn't. After midday, Yvonne called John Hofman of Eureka Garages and asked him if he had somebody else to do the work. Simple answer: no, not in the next few weeks. Longer answer: Troy Addicoat was an absolute disaster, had left lots of people in the lurch, had multiple court cases open against him. I should demand my money back immediately and also take him to court.

Wow! I hadn't had that bad an impression. But while we were talking, Yvonne received an SMS from him, and I later discovered that he had sent me one early in the morning:

Due to your needs to get job done in a hurry I think it's better for both parties that you get someone else to finish off the job like you said yesterday

Well, that backfired, didn't it? But of course there's one detail:

Well thanks for the early warning. We've been waiting 3 months for you already. I'd suggest that you ensure that the footings are done by next week at the latest. If you can't do that, please refund the $7,000 prepayment, along with $725 interest, by the end of next week. John Hofman has recommended that I sue you, but I'd prefer not to have to do that.

That got his attention, and he called back shortly later. Yes, next week, without fail. I asked him if it would help if I were to pay the concreter directly—I saw this issue 7 years ago (but didn't mention it in the diary): Brett Chiltern had significant problems with the concrete delivery then, apparently because he owed them too much already. So we agreed that I would pay for the concrete and deduct the sum from the final bill. Maybe he will now come on Tuesday, as he promised.

More old photos
Topic: photography, general Link here

I have now scanned in all the photos of the Asia Trip of 1967—I thought. Now to process them. It's surprisingly difficult. Firstly, it seems that I missed scanning a few slides, and it seems that at the time I made a few mistakes writing down the metadata. In addition, I always took photos starting at the very beginning of the film, and many never came out. And once they're scanned, I still have the issue of relating the file name to the slide number. I'm making progress, but it's painful.

New FreeBSD core team
Topic: technology, general Link here

So the results of the FreeBSD Core Team, elections are out. I'm one of them again:

The next core team will consist of:

Baptiste Daroussin
Benedict Reuschling
Ed Maste
Emmanuel Vadot
Greg Lehey
John Baldwin
Li-Wen Hsu
Mateusz Piotrowski
Tobias C. Berner

That also makes me the member with the longest span, from 22 years ago to now.

The other thing, which I had noted last month, was how many of the members are not from the USA. Five are from Europe, one Chinese and one Australian. Hopefully that's a good sign.

Saturday, 28 May 2022 Dereel Images for 28 May 2022
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The future of the Internet, next step
Topic: technology, multimedia, opinion Link here

It's been over 8 years since I wrote an essay The future of the Internet, really supposed to be titled “how the Internet will be different 20 years from now” (in other words, 8 years ago). We're coming up to half time. How accurate are things?

I'm tracking this up to a point at my “signs of the times” page. Today I saw another sign: the BBC are stopping broadcast of some radio stations. As I said:

Radio and TV broadcasts will gradually cease. They are costly: they use a lot of power, and transmission and reception equipment are also expensive.

The real question, as ever: how should they cater for people who have radio but no Internet connection? But they've been through that before with the transition to digital TV.

Robin Hood in Ballarat
Topic: multimedia, opinion Link here

A new film is on its way: The Siege of Robin Hood. Not quite our cup of tea, especially as it appears to be bloody, but it was filmed at Kryal Castle in (well, just outside of) Ballarat, so when it appears free to air, we may take a look.

Topic: gardening, food and drink Link here

Yvonne back this morning with a large basket:
Image title: Mushrooms 1          Dimensions:          5287 x 3888, 7636 kB
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Diary entry for Saturday, 28 May 2022 Complete exposure details


What are they? The red ones are clearly Amanita muscaria, and I think that the big ones are Suillus luteus. But there are others. Next time I'll get Yvonne to tell me before she picks them.

Android: the next incompatibility
Topic: technology, opinion Link here

Troy Addicoat sent me an SMS yesterday, and I quoted it in my article on the subject. But how do you copy an SMS to other media? With not one, but two apps, of course. Automatically forward SMS to your PC/phone, or maybe gawk or smsforwarder, forwards incoming SMSs, something very necessary for people who don't look at their phones all the time, and this app with an identity problem, your choice of two of SMS (Backup, Print, Restore) can, with only a few swipes, transfer up to 6 individually selected messages at a time into a specified directory on the device. And then you still have to download it. But I've solved that problem with the aid of a few more apps.

But it works, and I suppose that's the best you can hope for in this modern age. The good thing is that that gawk should make the SMS (Backup, Print, Restore) irrelevant.

And all that for what is effectively a copy function. O Brave New World!

Google Maps link rot
Topic: technology, opinion Link here

Where was I on 2 May 1967? Driving from Madras (now Chennai) to Nellore, as I wrote in my diary. But I also wanted a map, so I used Google Maps to generate a map and a short link to it: But now Google doesn't want to know:

Invalid Dynamic Link - Blocked

We could not match param ',135.745076&sspn=64.250491,63.544922&geocode=FUZJxwAd74LIBClhM31P6mVSOjEz1GNoC6dhbg;FWdg3AAdGH_EBClxh5UOyoxMOjFVHxYlIGwD0w&t=m&z=9' with whitelisted URL patterns in this Google project.

If you are the developer of this app, ensure that your Dynamic Links domain is correctly configured and that the path component of this URL is valid.

But is it even Google? The URL of that message is Never mind, I can replace it with a long version:,+Tamil+Nadu,+India/Nellore,+Andhra+Pradesh,+India/. And of course it'll offer a short version, if not quite as short: But why offer short versions if their lifetime is also short? I added this link only 10 years ago.

More sprinkler pain
Topic: gardening Link here

Last week I prepared for the advent of Will Tatnell by clearing the mulch off the sprinkler solenoid south of the house. Will didn't show, but next time I looked at the solenoid, the cover was gone. Bloody dogs! But the following day Yvonne called me and showed water sprinkling everywhere. The solenoid was flooded, and there were jets of water all over the place.

Not one problem, but two. The water jets were problems with the sprinkler system that hopefully Paul Donaghy can fix. And the solenoid pit? I've seen problems like that before, but first we need to drain the pit, which could take a while. Today I finally took a look and found:
Image title: Sprinkler relay 1
Complete exposure details
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That cylinder at bottom left with the wires going to it is the actuator coil. It should be screwed into the body of the valve, like this:
Image title: Sprinkler relay 2
Complete exposure details
Dimensions: 600 x 450, 177 kB
Dimensions of original: 4608 x 3456, 3654 kB
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How did it get out? It was clearly related to the dogs, but to remove it requires turning at least two full revolutions. A dog can't do that.

I've been here before, where I discovered that the valve is called a solenoid, and the solenoid is called a coil. Put it back together and turned it on. Still leaks! Should I get UPI to come and fix it? Gradually these irritating little things are getting more and more on my nerves.

Roast chicken with Inkbird
Topic: food and drink, technology, opinion Link here

Roast chicken for dinner tonight. I've been keeping a record of cooking times for some years now, but now (until Wednesday) I have this ill-fated Inkbird IBBQ-4BW thermometer, so I can keep more of an eye on what happens. I put one sensor on the grille of the oven, one in the breast and one in a leg joint.

It wasn't at all what I expected. In particular, the temperature in the breast was much lower than in the leg. That makes sense, but it doesn't match my prior experience. And contrary to my previous claims, the temperature rose relatively linearly:
Image title: Screenshot_2022 05 29 09 51 12 495_com.inkbird.bbqlink
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According to my records, the chicken (1.825 kg) should have been cooked (78°) in between 55 and 73 minutes. But after 71 minutes the breast temperature (yellow) was only 72°. The leg temperature (blue), on the other hand, was 88°, so I decided to take it out. 12 minutes later the breast was at 77° and the leg at 83°:
Image title: Screenshot_2022 05 29 09 51 12 495_com.inkbird.bbqlink detail
Complete exposure details
Dimensions: 385 x 700, 21 kB
Dimensions of original: 829 x 1507, 63 kB
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The other detail was the oven temperature, which I had set to 180°. It took a while to get there—the oven decided that it was warm enough when it hit 165°—but ultimately it maintained about 187°:
Image title: Screenshot_2022 05 29 12 58 29 751_com.inkbird.bbqlink
Complete exposure details
Dimensions: 353 x 765, 20 kB
Dimensions of original: 1080 x 2340, 88 kB
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I had already noted something similar yesterday, where I had baked a pizza at the highest setting, 250°. The recorded temperatures were over 260°, which can't be bad.

Did I say “recorded”? No, that's not correct. The device displayed the temperatures, but didn't record them. What a piece of junk!

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