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Monday, 21 September 2020 Dereel Images for 21 September 2020
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Another power outage
Topic: Stones Road house, general Link here

Another one second grid power failure this morning at 3:37:18.

Bloody kimchi!
Topic: food and drink, opinion Link here

Still more mouldy kimchi today:
Image title: Mouldy kimchi          Dimensions:          4099 x 3261, 1790 kB
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Diary entry for Monday, 21 September 2020 Complete exposure details


That's the last of the fresh kimchi; I've frozen the rest. And now that good quality kimchi is available in the shops, I don't see myself making any more in the foreseeable future.

More navigation software
Topic: technology, general, opinion Link here

I'm off to Geelong tomorrow for my six-monthly periodontic checkup. And my GPS navigator is on its last legs. I've been looking for a replacement, but this is really a function that a mobile phone should be able to do. Only I haven't found any suitable apps.

I'm currently using iGO on my navigator. And it's available for Android too—at a price. But new navigators cost money too. So off to download it.

I can't understand it! But one thing was clear: I needed to download maps, at prices comparable to those of a standalone navigator. OK, I get a free week's trial of one map only. Try downloading that.

“Downloading... 0%”. And that's the way it stayed. How do you find out what's wrong with these things? It seems that everything I do with Android is hard to use, error-prone, inadequate or any combination of the three. Why? You'd really think it was my fault.

Topic: gardening, opinion Link here

For three days now I have had ample opportunity to do some work in the garden. What did I do? I planted a Tommy Toe (a tomato cultivar). Why am I so lazy?

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 Dereel → Geelong → Dereel Images for 22 September 2020
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More GPS navigation pain
Topic: technology, opinion Link here

Off to Geelong again this afternoon for my six-monthly periodontic checkup. More for the fun of it than anything else, I wanted to try a navigation app on my way there. After over 12 hours, iGO had still not loaded any map data. OK, off once again Googling for best gps app. The first hit gave me a choice of 10, with little overview: the first one was for hikers. The next seemed more likely: HERE WeGo. OK, we can try. At least it installed, and it allowed me to select “Geelong” as a destination, though once again I was left wondering where all the fine detail had gone. Choice of route? Exact address? Coordinate? Maybe that's all possible, but how can I tell if there's no documentation of any kind?

At least it chose a better route (via Mount Mercer) than my old navigator, and the display was clear and accurate. But that was all, apart from showing me that the display on my old navigator is now so dim that I can barely read it in sunlight.

I've been trying to find good navigation apps for over 7 years now, and I still can't find one that's usable. It's time to make a list of requirements and see if any app comes close.

Geelong again
Topic: health, opinion Link here

Nothing of great interest at the periodontists: if anything, my teeth are in better shape, though Leela said that in the half-dozen years of so since I had been coming to him, things hadn't changed much.

But his assistant corrected him: I have been coming here since 2009, she said. How about that! I really only started paying attention to periodontics in 2007. And sure enough, my first appointment in Geelong was on 10 November 2009, nearly 11 years ago. How time flies!

Things have changed marginally as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic: instead of cleaning the plaque off my teeth with his ultrasonic device, he did the rear of the teeth with manual tools, apparently to minimize aerosol generation. It's not pleasant.

Afterwards, as always, to Belmont to buy Mexican and Malaysian food. I was relatively successful with the Malaysian food (mainly laksa), but once again there are issues with masa. They (the appropriately named) Indo-Asian Grocery Store didn't have any Minsa any more. They had a number of others, mainly white (deflavoured) maize, though they also had masa para tamales. What's that? But there must be some reason why it's not recommended for tortillas. The only real yellow masa was from “El Maizal”, a company that appears to have no web site, though some Australian web sites suggest that it's the new name for Minsa. That doesn't explain why it comes in 816 g packages (also not a clear avoirdupois quantity). And they had only one! In the end, bought my first blue masa in years. I wonder how I'll find it after all this time.

In passing, it seems that the tasteless “white” masa is most popular. Down with distinctive flavours!

Another PV battery recalibration
Topic: Stones Road house, general Link here

Another photovoltaic battery recalibration today while I was away in Geelong. It was even less invasive than previously: it only lasted half an hour, from 14:19:20 until 14:49:33, and during that time it used PV power normally:
Image title: Recalibration          Dimensions:          1035 x 261, 123 kB
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Diary entry for Tuesday, 22 September 2020 Complete exposure details


I can only assume that they have finally got their act together. The firmware hasn't been updated since last month.

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