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Saturday, 1 April 2023 Today's diary Today's images top
Trump: hoist with own petard

Only yesterday Donald Trump became the first US President to be indicted on a criminal charge. How can you beat that?

Not as I expected. Yes, there are lots of mass shootings in the USA, but Trump remained firmly in favour of gun ownership and against their restrictions. So I suppose it's poetic justice that he should be caught in a mass shooting and be shot dead. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving man.

But where are all the news reports? You'd think that the press would have a field day. But nothing. It's amazing how well censorship works if it has to, and maybe it's a good thing that the report has been censored: how many rabid extremists would get up on their hind feet and start the next insurrection if only they knew what had happened?

What's annoying Xorg?

For some days now I've seen this kind of output from top:

 2768 grog            1  52    0  3470M 43664K select  1 218.8H  41.55% Xorg

This instance of Xorg was started a month ago, so it's using about 7 hours of CPU time per day. What's it doing? The obvious answer would be that it's handling data, but it's not displaying anything significant. Sure, I can stop suspect processes (I specifically suspect firefox), but there should be some way to find out what's going on. Some discussion on IRC, but it remained inconclusive.

Latest delicacy: rotten meat

Read this article today. Ancient humans didn't just eat rotten meat, they relished it. That sounds unlikely, but they came up with a surprising amount of evidence, some of it relatively recent, and a surprising number of reasons. That puts rotten meat on a par with cooking, pickling and smoking, only clearly it was easier than any of these. And since the current understanding is that humans developed their current shape and also their brain from cooking food, what other conclusions can this lead to?

Yvonne rides again

Despite all my objections, Yvonne is riding again:
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Not only that, she did it with nobody to pick her up in case something went wrong. It didn't—this time—but I'm still anything but happy.

More pink lilies

These wild (or invasive?) pink lilies are everywhere now:
Image title: Lilies
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I can't recall them from more than a few years ago. Are they spreading?

Late for dinner

Pam Hay off with my car to visit Chris Bahlo today.

And she didn't come back. We had told her when she arrived that we ate at 18:00, and today being Saturday, Yvonne made something special for dinner (seafood bisque and scaloppine al limone). Come 18:00, no Pam. Yvonne called her on her phone. Voice mail. Called Chris, who should have been with her. Voice mail.

Yvonne seriously angry, we started without Pam. Round the time of the second course she showed up. Sorry, things were a little late. Why didn't she call? Some answer or another. Why didn't she reply to the phone call? Battery discharged. No attempt, apparently, to get somebody else to contact us. And when I told Pam how upset Yvonne was, “oh, sorry”. Somehow we're on different wavelengths.

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