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This directory contains some programs that I'm working on to help me with brewing. As always, they're mainly there for me, but if you can use them, you're welcome to them.

You can download a tarball of these programs, or you can access the development directory directly. The former is more convenient, the latter is guaranteed to be as up to date as I am.


All my programs use only the metric system. There's no provision for handling other systems, though you can add it if you want. Currently the source directory contains the following programs:

I got the original versions of the files brewing/beer.c and brewing/beer.h from the Primetab web site. They were written by Domenick Venezia, and he has given approval for them to be released under the Berkeley license (see the source files). The original files don't contain any copyright information, but Domenick has stated that they can be used freely.

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