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Greg's brewing log: Brew 7, Newcastle Brown

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Date started:      6 October 2003
Volume:            25 litres

Initial density:   1047


1       Grumpys Extrabrew "Newcastle Brown"
1.5 kg  Coopers Pale Malt extract
        Coopers Pale Ale Yeast from brews 4 and 6

Mashed according to instructions.
Sparged with 3l hot water, added remainder as cold boiled water.

Fermentation progress:

6.X     midday  25 pitched
        pm      25 0.23 Hz
7.X     am      21 0.55 Hz
        pm      21 0.40 Hz
8.X     am      20 0.18 Hz
        pm      19 0.09 Hz
9.X     am      17 0.04 Hz
        pm      18 racked, density 1013.  Much sludge, sourish taste
        pm      18 0.011 Hz

10.X    am      18 0.025 Hz
11.X    am      15 < 0.005 Hz

                density 1011.  Bottled with 150g sucrose (6g/l)

Bottling statistics:
     Bottles    size         total
    31          0.5 l        15.5    l
    21          0.375 l       7.875  l

        Total                23.375  l

Obvious problems

Further history

6.XI Drunk. Still slightly sour. Condition as expected, flavour OK. More storage?

23 November: Unbalanced flavour, still too sour.

22 December: More mellow, but still too sour (maybe not as much as before) and too much roast barley flavour. pH 3.5. Possibly this is a better beer for waters with mineral content. It doesn't seem to work with rain water.

mid-February 2004: Tastes a lot better now. No longer as sour, and a tendency towards “nuttiness” that seems more in keeping with the type of beer. Might just need more storage.

28 May 2004: I've tried this beer several times since the last record. It no longer has any sourness about it, but there's this funny taste about it that I don't like at all, almost like chocolate; maybe that's what they call chocolate malt. If so, they can keep it. I find it just plain unpleasant. Maybe I can find somebody to help me drink the rest.

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