Litigation against SCO in Poland

by Greg Lehey
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On 10 June 2003, I received a message from Piotr Smyrak stating:

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 13:44:02 +0200
Subject: SCO being sued in Poland, too


I know you run the SCO case study on your site:

As you mentioned about SCO being sued in Germany for an anti-competitive
behaviour.  I want to let you know, that similar cases have been filled
in Poland also.

Two companies, IT ZONE ( and CYBER Service
( sued SCO Group for anti-competitive practices,
just after publishing in the Polish edition of IDG's Computerworld an
interview with Greg Boguchwalski, SCO's regional director for Central
and Nothern Europe, where he stated again their claims against Linux
code (, only in Polish).

For press releases about this see here (only in Polish):

IT Zone is run by Sergiusz 'Ser' Paw?owicz, one of Polish Linux
developers.  CYBER Service stands behind the Polish(ed) Linux
Distribution (aka PLD).

If you want more detailed information or some translation, I can help.
I don't have any translation from Piotr yet, and all the links are in Polish, but I'm sure there are readers out there who know Polish, so I'm including this without comment at the moment.

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