SCO's lawsuit against IBM: other links

by Greg Lehey
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I have written a detailed analysis of SCO's attacks against free software, notably IBM and Linux. I'm not the only person to have done so. On this page I'm keeping a set of links to other pages. These are not my own work.

SCO's complaint against IBM.
Eric Raymond's position paper
Éric Lévénez's UNIX family tree
SCO's corruption of the family tree.
Caldera's release of "Ancient UNIX" under a BSD-style license
SCO stock price
AUUG's reaction to the affair.
Linuxtag's legal action against SCO in Germany
EEtimes article about "proof" of System V code in Linux.
Robert Cringely's article on the subject.
SCO's announcement of the termination of IBM's AIX license.
Byte magazine's interview with Chris Sontag, SCO's Senior Vice President. I have written an analysis of this interview.
The Open Group's statement about the ownership of UNIX.
Forbes article What SCO Wants, SCO Gets.
Stefan Hildemann also looked at the code and commented. Due to an error on the part of the lawyers, he did not sign an NDA. Here's an English version.
Ian Lance Taylor looked at the offending code.
Robert Cringely finds the source of some of the code.
Ian Lance Taylor looked at the offending code.
The Open Group on SCO's claims to UNIX
Dennis Ritchie maintains an overview of UNIX licenses.

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