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On 5 April 2011 an anonymous flyer was placed in Dereel postboxes It's clearly the work of idiots, and I wish they'd go away. Here's a scan. The rest is a copy of what I wrote in my diary.
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Diary entry for Wednesday, 6 April 2011
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The flyer was printed on American standard size paper, and clearly related to the so-called “Dereel Anti-Tower Alliance”.

WHO CAN BE SUED for the placement of a radiation communications tower?

Nobody, of course. There's no such thing. And if a mobile phone tower has been approved, I can't see that any of the infantile claims can work. Some of the claims are just plain lies, such as the mention of the French legal case requiring the demolition of a mobile phone tower. They write:

The court of Nanterre... ordered the demolition ... on the basis that it represents a health risk to residents.

This is incorrect, and I believe the author knows it to be incorrect. The reason was that the operator could not prove that it didn't represent a health risk, and as the compensation showed, the main reason was not because of the radiation, but because of the high levels of anxiety it caused in the plaintiffs. Clearly the lunatic fringe is not limited to Dereel.

And then there's just plain ignorance and stupidity:

When the Telco is finished with the tower, or at any other time, the Telco may leave radioactive equipment on the property for the owner to dispose of (which is a violation of the EPA).

What complete stupidity! First of all, it contradicts itself: as they say, according to the EPA, the Telco may not leave radioactive material around. But what radioactivity? There is no radioactivity associated with mobile phones. Our expertly informed, anonymous idiots clearly don't know what they're talking about. Doubtless the other claims are similarly baseless, but I haven't bothered to look.

Finally, more lies about me, on their web site:

The Google map was updated again on 21st March 2011 by 'Groogle'. Greg's tower reference has suddenly dissappeared off the map after we circulated the notification of the proposed tower site. Greg can obviously have the tower site changed back when he pleases. We wonder why it was taken off so quickly!

The link in the quote is mine. It seems that the “Dereel Anti-Tower Alliance” doesn't know how to write HTML. This is nonsense: I haven't ever removed any location on that map, but it does make clear that my suspicions were right that that was the map they were using to make their baseless accusations.

Called up the police about it. It seems that there is no law against anonymous publications, and all I could go for was a civil case for defamation. Under those circumstances I could resurrect my former claim that Wendy and Stewart McClelland are behind this campaign. But I prefer to stress the point that these cowards are so convinced of their position that they send their messages anonymously. I wonder how many others are involved.

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