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2017 - 12 - 30
01:21:12 UTC Jean
Welcome to eBay Live Chat. My name's Jean and I'll be happy to help you with your issue today. May I have your full name please?
01:21:29 UTC groggyauctions
Greg Lehey
01:21:52 UTC Jean
Hello Greg, good day!
01:21:58 UTC Jean
Let me just pull up your account first.
01:22:30 UTC Jean
I believe we will be talking about the item Night Travel Black Patch Aid Soft Eye Mask Sleeping Blindfold Blinder. Right?
01:22:57 UTC groggyauctions
01:23:11 UTC Jean
How can I further assist you with this?
01:23:15 UTC groggyauctions
According to tracking, it disappeared from sight on 4 December.
01:23:22 UTC groggyauctions
It still hasn't arrived.
01:23:53 UTC groggyauctions
And your web site now tells me that it's real estate and not subject to delivery guarantee.
01:24:34 UTC Jean
How would you like to proceed with this then? Since the estimated delivery date is on the 28th and you haven't received it.
01:24:44 UTC Jean
I see. Let me check on that.
01:27:09 UTC Jean
You're still under our eBay Money Back Guarantee Program and I can help you out in opening a dispute for this.
01:27:35 UTC groggyauctions
Thank you. Please do, and please also report that your web site told me that it wasn't covered.
01:27:45 UTC Jean
No worries.
01:28:11 UTC Jean
Would you authorise me to open a dispute on your behalf?
01:29:19 UTC Jean
Hello Greg?
01:29:25 UTC groggyauctions
Yes, please.
01:29:44 UTC Jean
Thanks for that.
01:30:26 UTC Jean
All done now.
01:30:41 UTC groggyauctions
01:30:43 UTC Jean
You only purchased 1 of this, Right?
01:30:48 UTC groggyauctions
01:31:37 UTC Jean
Okay, your seller will be given 4 business days to process a refund or send a message to you to help you resolve this.
01:31:48 UTC groggyauctions
Thanks for your help.
01:32:02 UTC groggyauctions
It would still be good to understand why the web site refused to let me do it.
01:32:27 UTC Jean
And if in the event that your seller will not respond you can already ask us to step in and help.
01:32:38 UTC groggyauctions
01:32:44 UTC Jean
If the item was listed under real estate
01:32:56 UTC groggyauctions
Clearly it wasn't :-)
01:32:56 UTC Jean
01:33:18 UTC Jean
our system won't allow members to open a dispute
01:34:06 UTC Jean
This is system generated already.
01:34:11 UTC groggyauctions
It allows me to do what I was trying this time, basically just to follow througn on the "I haven't received it".
01:34:25 UTC groggyauctions
Or at any rate, up to now it has allowed me to do so.
01:34:35 UTC Jean
Yes you're right the item is not under real estate.
01:34:35 UTC groggyauctions
And if it's changed, there's little point having that link.
01:34:49 UTC Jean
I see.
01:35:38 UTC Jean
Is there anything else I can assist you with?
01:36:11 UTC groggyauctions
Thanks, that's the lot for the moment.
01:36:19 UTC Jean
Thanks for choosing eBay. Have a nice day!