Broadband Account Settings Help

This page allows you to configure the broadband account access for your NETGEAR Modem


In order to connect to the network,an active broadband service account is Required. Please contact your ISP for username,password and the network name

Username - Account login username

Password - Account password for authentication

Country - Country

Internet Service Provider - Internet Service Provider of 3G network

PIN code - PIN code of SIM card

APN: - Access Point Name

Access Number - This is the remote site's phone number.

PDP type - Type of packet data protocol

PPP Authentication Protocol - Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol and Password Authentication Protocol

Initialize Script - It is a script to dial to Internet, It depends on Modem and its firmware.

Connect automatically at startup - If selected,the modem will automatically connect to the network upon powered up. This should be selected after login information is provided.

Reconnect automatically when connection is lost - If selected,the modem will attempt to reconnect to the network when the connection is lost. Under normal situation, this setting should be selected.

Roaming automaticslly - If checked, it may roam to any available operator in range and may incur roaming charges.

Connection Status - current WAN port status

Click Connect when you want to manually connect to the network.

Click Disconnect when you want to manually disconnect from current network.

Click Apply when you finish changing the settings.

Click Cancel to discard changes.

Click Refresh to update connection status