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Errata and addenda for the Complete FreeBSD, fourth edition

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The trouble with books is that you can't update them the way you can a web page or any other online documentation. The result is that most leading edge computer books are out of date almost before they are printed. Unfortunately, The Complete FreeBSD, published by O'Reilly, is no exception. Inevitably, a number of bugs and changes have surfaced.

In previous editions of this page, I put the corrections on the page itself. This proved to be so much work that I stopped a long time ago. For the fourth edition, I've tried a different tactic: I'm putting the corrections online in PDF format, exactly as they would print in the book itself. This is exactly the same format in which I submit them to O'Reilly for reprints. O'Reilly want page pairs (front and back), and that's what you'll see here, even if one side hasn't changed. In the future I hope to put up only the pages which have really changed.

There are separate replacement pages for the preface, the main body of the chapters and the appendixes. You can also browse the source diffs if you're interested.

Major changes

Since the original printing of the Fourth edition in May 2003, based on the sources as of 10 April 2003, the following notable changes have been made:

Older editions of the book

I still have pages of errata for the second edition and the third edition of The Complete FreeBSD. Like the editions themselves, they're out of date.

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